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“We have a very large customer base and sending christmas cards to everyone is a big challenge. Movie-cards were the perfect solution, saving us lots of time and money. The biggest problem we had was deciding which one to choose because we liked them all so much!”


That is perfect. Thank you very much for super fast and good service


We had a bespoke card and our customers loved it! It really took the hassle out of sending all our cards out to our customers - as well as being really fun!



Fun & Classic cards

are customised with your company branding and message. The price covers unlimited online send of the movie-card for one winter season and you can also put a link on your website so that visitors to your site can also enjoy your movie-card, that looks as if it has been designed especially for you - at a fraction of the cost!
The Fun & Classic cards can be viewed on ipad/iphone as well as most other mobile devices.

Price: £220 (approximately $285 US Dollars)

Emailable GIFs

Are customised with your logo and message and colours where applicable. The price covers unlimited online email send of the movie-card for one winter season. Most email programs will be able to view the animated GIF however some programes may only display a still image of the first frame. For this purpose all of the most important information including your logo and message in contained in the first frame.

Price: £100 (approximately $130 US Dollars)

Reuse & Reproduction Rights

If you wish to reuse a movie-card in any subsequent years then a reuse fee will apply. Your movie-card may only be used in the online format it is supplied in. The movie-card or any image from it can not be used for print or any other type of reproduction without a separate agreement for reproduction rights under copyright law.

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