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How it Works produce animated greetings that are customised with your company branding and can be sent out to all your customers in the click of a button. This is how it works...

Step 1

YOU choose your favourite Movie-Card from the Fun, Classic or GIF Collections and then either fill in the form on the 'Make an Order' page, or call or email your order and email us your logo & message. (You will be given information about this when ordering)

Step 2

WE add your company branding and message along with details of any charity you are making a donation to and set up your own unique Movie-Card page on the web. You check the movie-card card to make sure you are completely happy with it.

Step 3

WE send you an 'envelope' email, that you can adjust as required, which contains the link to your Movie-Card or your GIF ecard. We also supply a link that you can add to your website, so visitors to your site can enjoy it too. You then email everyone in your address book in just one click.

Step 4

YOUR CONTACTS click the link from your email or on your site to enjoy your branded Movie-Card or if you have chosen an emailable GIF they will see it in their email providing their email allows GIFs to be shown animated, otherwise it will appear as a static image.

To see an example of how it works click here

N.B The client email will come from you, so will not get caught in spam filters. Also, when viewing your Movie-Card, your clients are simply viewing a page on the web. They are not downloading anything, so there is no virus risk.

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