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If you have any questions, take a look below at the frequently asked ones to see it it's answered here, but if not please don't hesitate to get in touch by email or phone.

WHAT FORMAT DO YOU WANT THE LOGO IN? EPS or AI is preferred or failing that a PDF. If you don't have either of these then we will work with whatever you have.

WHO SENDS OUT THE EMAIL? You do. This way the email should reach your clients without being caught in any spam filters which don't recognise another sender's email address and also you do not have to pass on your clients details to anyone else. However, if you are looking for a company to do this on your behalf then we can recommend a company who we work in partnership with or can recommend an online service. Please email for details.

HOW DO WE SEND IT? Many companies already have a system in place for sending bulk email. The simple way to send smaller numbers is to email one client and then BCC everyone else in your address book. There are also online services for sending larger numbers of email. Mailchimp is a very good and easy way to to do this and is free for a certain number. You can find them at

DO YOU HAVE A TRACKING FEATURE? If requested prior to your card being sent out, code can be added in to your card to tell you how many people have clicked through to see your animation. If you want to do this, just email this request when you make your order and we will set it up for you. The tracking feature is not available for GIF ecards.

CAN WE USE OUR MOVIECARD LINK IN OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER OR ON OUR SITE? Yes, you can do both. Ask your webmaster to put up the link on your site or in your newsletter. It's a great way to get your message out.

CAN WE CHANGE THE GREETING, MENTION CHARITY DONATIONS OR ADD OUR NAMES? Yes providing they will fit on to the animation. There is not a set number of characters, the card will be adjusted specifically for you. The greeting can read as you wish and you can add your names, promote a charity you are supporting and even show change of address if you are moving premises. If you wish to use a charity logo you must obtain their permission first.

DOES IT LINK TO OUR WEBSITE? Fun and Classic cards do. If you don't want it to link to your site, the link can be removed. GIFs can contain the link to your website on the email it goes out in.

IS THE PRICE THE SAME FOR ANY CARD? The price is £220 for Fun or Classic cards or £100 for an emailable GIF.

IS THERE A LIMIT ON HOW MANY WE CAN SEND? No. You can send out as many as you want!

CAN WE SEE A PROOF BEFORE IT GOES OUT? Yes. We always send your movie-card out to you for approval before finalising it. You will be able to check it's all correct and that you're completely happy with it.

HOW LONG DOES IT STAY ON THE WEB? Until March. This gives all your clients plenty of time to see your card. After this is will be removed.

CAN I SEE AN EXAMPLE OF HOW IT WORKS? Yes! Pictures speak a 1000 words - Please click here to see an example of how it works.